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Kia Ora

Pounamu Travel creates luxury travel experiences for the discerning traveller.

New Zealand (Aotearoa) “the land of the long white cloud” is paradise on Earth.
Journey with Pounamu and Travel New Zealand in style!

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Luxury Accommodation

Our Story

Pounamu is the Māori word for “greenstone” or “jade” which can be found only in the Southern Islands of New Zealand.
Te Waipounamu “the waters of greenstone” or “the greenstone isle” is the official Māori name for New Zealand’s Southern Islands.

Pounamu has value which transcends the aesthetic and practical attributes, and is considered to be tapu “sacred”.
Pounamu is renowned for its beauty and strength and is culturally and spiritually significant to all Māori and to all New Zealanders because it links heaven and earth, along with the stars and water.
Pounamu is described as taonga, or “treasure”.
…”possession of pounamu has long been a mark of wealth and prestige, a mark of mana.” (Sir Tipene O’Regan).

There are no two pieces of Pounamu that are the same, all stones are crafted with the utmost respect by those who source and carve it.
Likewise at Pounamu Travel, our tailor-made or bespoke journeys are designed for the individual and for the occasion, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and managed beyond expectations.

Our team has years of international travel experience, we understand luxury lifestyle and the luxury travel market.
We live and breathe Aotearoa (New Zealand) and are based here in Te Waipounamu, (the South Island).
We create your treasured memories of the paradise we call home.

“Haere mai, ngā manuhiri tūārangi”
Welcome, strangers from afar!
“Haere Mai”
Travel New Zealand with us at Pounamu Travel.